Freshney Forward

The Freshney Forward is your resident-led community organisation which represents the residents of the whole of the Freshney area.

They hold monthly meetings where matters of mutual concern can be raised and discussed with your Ward Councillors as well as with representatives from Humberside Police, Shoreline Housing Partnership and many others. If, however, you have a personal issue that is affecting you or the area in which you live, you have the opportunity to discuss these matters with the representatives of the above organisations after the business side of the meeting finishes.

The meetings are very focused with, generally, a main agenda item such as areas for concern in and around the locality and anti social behavior issues. This enables full and frank discussion of the issues and paves the way for monthly neighbourhood priorities to be set and action plans to be created. These are to be acted upon by agencies and individuals working in the area and the results of those actions reported back to the next months meeting of the group.

The Freshney Forward is your Community Forum so why not come along and find out how you can play your part in making the Freshney Ward a better place to live?

Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month starting at 7pm alternately at the Bishop Edward King Centre and the Jubilee