The Panel

Our Panel

The eight members of our Panel are made up from a diverse group of individuals who were elected by Freshney Forward, our Panel Partner. Freshney Forward meets monthly to discuss issues from the local residents. It is open to all members within the Ward.

Lynn is a local resident and very active within the community. Lynn is excited about the opportunity that the local community can have a say on how the money is spent within the Ward to enable it to benefit the local area with a long lasting effect.

Andrea lives within the Ward and has a special interest in our older members together with those throughout the area. Andrea is qualified in delivering chair based exercises, shibashi tai chi and new age kurling.

Richard moved to the area in 2008 with his family. He is actively involved in a host of locally based initiatives aimed at the local community – many developed through the Willows Community Church. Richard works successfully with partnerships with a neighbourhood wide Christian representation.

Ray L is a self-employed business man since 1967 within a variety of areas and lives within the parish of Great Coates. Ray has served on executive committees both nationally and internationally. He was involved in sourcing funding and staff for the local Foresight Charity. Rays priority has always been to improve people’s quality of life. Ray has also experience in dealing with the media.

Sue is a long term local resident of Wybers Wood. Sue was actively involved with voluntary organisations (Scouting, WRVS and U3A so covered a wide variety of ages) as a volunteer for over forty years in which she held various positions and also served on their committees.

Denise is also an active member of the community and has a keen interest in the area. Denise takes part in the Walkwell (health) walks within the Ward. Denise also has an interest in disability sports being an active coach for a local disability football team.

Jenny lives within the Ward and has retired from her work as a PA with a local multi-national company and was a Magistrate for ten years. Jenny works as a volunteer with older people within the Community and the wider area and also serves on several local committees and initiatives.

Ray S is a serving member of the local Council and works closely with the other elected councillors of the Ward. Ray has a background in business and education and uses his skills to work hard for the benefit of the whole community.

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