Your Local Directory

Looking for something or someone?  Use the directory to find places, organisations, people and servces inandaround the Freshney ward.

[highlight class=”blue”]Find community places:[/highlight] look for community centres, municipal offices, local schools, libraries, health centres, churches and places of worship, allotments, parks, police stations and more.

Looking for something in a particular area?  Search in Great Coates, the Willows or Wybers Wood.

You can search for buildings with a particular focus – perhaps health or education.  You can look for particular facilites such as rooms to hire, football fields or equipment hire.

You could even look for buildings that are perhaps vacant or available for community use if the circumstances are right.

[highlight class=”blue”]Find local organisations:[/highlight]  not every organisation is based in a community building.  Use the directory to find local charities, voluntary groups, social enterprises or even private businesses.

Search by theme or focus to find organisations who deal with health, leisure, bereavement, education and so on.

[highlight class=”blue”]Find local people:[/highlight]  Who are the key local people who are working with and for you?  Use the directory to find someone specific or look for ward councillors or parish councillors, local PCSOs, development workers or more.

Looking for someone to help you with a project?  Look for people based on their skills.

[highlight class=”blue”]Find services:[/highlight] You can also look for services – both providers such as the Council, or the services themselves.

But don’t forget that this is a local directory.  A service may not be in this area but may cover the entire borough of North East Lincolnshire.  Likewise an organisation may work in this area but be based elsewhere.  So don’t forget to look through the North East Lincolnshire wide directory too.

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