Precis of June Minutes


The meeting took place on 5th June 2014 and the following items were discussed

  1. A request had been received from CDF asking if any of the projects funded would be willing to be filmed.  The Panel has contacted one of the groups to ask if they wish to take part
  2. A further  application has been recommended to CDF and another has been agreed in principle but the Panel are awaiting answers to some queries.
  3. The Chatteris House Knit & Sew Group has now received their funding and we wish them well with their project
  4. The Panel were disappointed with the poor takeup of the First Aid Course that had been organised.  Owing to limited places groups had been contacted and invited to participate.  This had resulted in five places, but we are confident that the remaining places will be taken up
  5. The publicity day held at Chatteris House – four groups who had received funding had been invited to attend with the resulting publicity being superb.  The event was by invitation only to enable control of who would be attnding as Chatteris House is a group dwelling and therefore a private residence
  6. The Panel are pro-active in looking for projects and will visit potential groups to offer support.  This had happened and had resulted in an application being received, but we always welcome any applications provided that they are of benefit to the residents of Freshney Ward


Freshney Ward Community First