Precis of July 2014 Minutes


The meeting took place on 3rd July 2014 and the following items were discussed

  1. Some Groups are still not submitting their final evaluation of the projects funded at their final date.  These groups are being contacted by the Panel to offer any further help
  2. A thank you letter had been received from the Cabinet Office offering thanks to Community First Panels
  3. Three applications had been received and discussed – one was recommended for funding and further information is being sought on the other two and will be discussed again at the August meeting
  4. The First Aid Course organised by the Panel had been successful with all participants passing.  Certificates will be presented when received.  Our congratulations to all who took part
  5. An excellent write up from XL Mentoring who had received funding from Community First appered in The Grimsby Teegraph on 28th June
  6. The Panel is also working closely with another group regarding possible funding


Freshney Ward Community First