Precis of August 2014 Minutes

The meeting took place on 7th August 2014 and the following items were discussed:

  1. Confirmation had been received from CDF that one of the groups funded did not originate from us and that it had now been removed from their monthly report
  2. Six applications had been received for August that far exceeded our remaining allocation of monies.  The Panel discussed all the applications thoroughly without looking at the balance of funding available.  When the Panel decided which projects were to be funded the money was then allocated to them
  3. The two applications that were recommneded to CDF had their monetary requests amended to fit in with the balance available
  4. The Panel expressed disappointment that some groups still had not submitted their monitoring form at the end of their projects despite offers of help being offered
  5. ALL Community First money for Freshney Ward has now been allocated and the Panel would like to thank all those groups that applied
  6. The Panel will continue to meet until the end of the Community First Project but are changing to meet every other month until the end of March 2015
  7. It is hoped that a photocall can be arranged in 2015 for all the successful groups to attend to share their successes


Freshney Ward Community First