May update from Community First

The May meeting took place on Thursday 3rd May at The Willows Community Church. A précis of the minutes is below:

The Panel have received several enquiries for Funding, but unfortunately some of them are not eligible for funding.

We have one outstanding funding application and we are seeking clarification from the CDF as to whether it can be funded. A further query has been received from a group and we are in the process of assisting them with the form filling.

Freshney Ward Community First has now been officially validated with the CDF by our Panel partner – Freshney Forward.

The Panel is sharing the workload of preparing the Community Plan which has to be completed by March 2013.

Flyers are being produced to advertise the funding available to our area will be displayed around the Ward. A stand will be manned at Great Coates School Fete on 31st May for people to enquire about the funding.

Sue – Freshney Ward Community First