Precis of February 2015 Minutes

This meeting took place on 5th February 2015 and the following items discussed:

  1. The funding for this Ward has been fully allocated, but the Panel are meeting every other month until the project finishes nationally which is the end of March 2015
  2. Due to unforeseen circumstances, one project had not taken place.  The money could not be reallocated owing to the rules of not been able to transfer funding from one year to another.
  3. CDF had sent various information sheets that had been forwarded to the Panel
  4. A Celebratory event is being organised for 30th March at The Willows Community Church from 17.30 to 19.00.  Invitations will be sent to those groups successful in their funding.
  5. An article on ‘Down Your Way’ will feature Freshney Ward Community First in February